Capital Cooler Rentals Regina

Capital Cooler Rentals Regina is proud to be serving the Regina and Southern Saskatchewan area!

We happily provide portable freezer and cooler trailer rental units, available in 2 sizes (6×8 and 6×10), depending on the needs of your business or event. All units are a height of 6’4″ interior for ease of use and can be equipped with or without shelving upon your request. And we deliver and pick up to help make your event less stressful!

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You don’t need to use ice for your next event, try a portable cooler!

You read correct, you don’t need endless bags of ice, nor stacks of styrofoam coolers, try using a portable cooler trailer! Keeps food the temperature you want, no need to keep getting more ice and everything stays dry!

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Cleaning out the kitchen fridge or freezer? We can help!

When you need a commercial sized portable fridge, give us a call! We’ve experienced many different uses for our portable freezers and cooler trailer, from events, where ice just isn’t economical (or handy), to kitchen fridge and freezer cleanings, Capital Cooler Rentals is here for you!! When your restaurant has a “fritzy fridge” or a “crashed cooler”, call us and simply store your food elsewhere. Save your food and keep your cool!!

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How will we keep food cold at the family reunion? We can help!

Why bring 40 coolers to your family reunion? Going and refilling with ice is a pain and also takes you away from visiting with Uncle John and Aunt Ruth. Why worry about whether that potato salad is going to have serious health repercussions….rent a cooler, it’s less clean up, more sanitary and easier to use and you won’t have melting ice water everywhere! Each unit comes equipped with the most energy efficient refrigeration systems available on the market today. Our units can function as both a cooler or a freezer depending on your requirements.

Email Kevin today about your Capital Cooler Rental in Regina!